Tokenomics, short for token economics, refers to the economic model behind cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. It encompasses the design and distribution of tokens, their utility within a specific ecosystem, and the factors influencing their value. Tokenomics plays a vital role in shaping how a cryptocurrency functions, including its supply, demand, and overall sustainability.

Token details

  • Total supply: 600,000,000,000
  • Policy Id: e6f464202e7c89befd79fdd3905ca96c896772721485dff66fd6b2d2
  • Fingerprint: asset1v9ac4583w68pmnd3lxzxs6nsswq0twpfxsp0w7
  • Asset Name: ADALOT (4144414c4f54)
  • Decimals: 0

Token supply

  • 70% (Reserved for) Liquidity
  • 15% (Reserved for) Team
  • 5% (Reserved for) Giveaway
  • 5% (Reserved for) Marketing
  • 5% (Reserved for) Vending

Token swap

Project history

  • May 2023: Launch website and token
  • May 2023: Start Daily Giveaway
  • June 2023: Tokendrop by Tosidrop
  • June 2023: Start yield farming
  • June 2023: Adalot's Jackpot Vending
  • July 2023: Tokendrop by Dripdropz
  • July 2023: Jackpot Vending as a service
  • October 2023: Presale Vending as a service
  • November 2023: Exchange Vending as a service

Start your own Vending machine?

It is possible for projects to operate their own Vending machine through AdaLot. With this feature, you can effortlessly distribute your token to users of this machine. Additionally, for the project, it is advantageous as you also receive a portion of ADA in return. And as for all the work involved? We take care of that!